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About Us

Altered Security is an information security company with focus on eductech, hands-on learning and focused security assessments.  It has offices in India and Singapore. 

We are experts in information security training, cyber ranges, online labs and security assessments.  We have trained more than 5000 information security professionals  from more than 90 countries across the globe through our in-person and online trainings. 

We offer external and internal penetration testing, adversary emulation, red team operations, web application security assessment, mobile application security assessment, API security testing and cloud security testing services for selected clients. 

Our team consists of seasoned red teamers, penetration testers, bug bounty hunters and developers. Members of the team regularly release open source security tools, speak at conferences, local security meetups and hunt for bugs in well-known applications.

Our team members have spoken at top hacker conferences like BlackHat USA, DEF CON, BruCON and many more.