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Global Central Bank (CRTM)

Global Central Bank: An Enterprise Cyber Range:

Global Central Bank (GCB) is a one of a kind Enterprise Windows and Active Directory Cyber Range. It helps enterprises test capabilities of both their Red and Blue teams in an Enterprise Windows network.

GCB is a true multi-forest environment that mimics a financial institution's network. Teams can test cutting-edge TTPs as GCB is built completely on fully patched Server 2019 machines. It includes abuse or bypass of many recommended defence mechanisms LAPS, JEA, WSL, RBCD, WDAC, ASR, AWL, Credential Guard, CLM, virtualization and more. User simulation is used to make it a true enterprise network.

Global Central Bank (CRTM)

It is useful for both Red and Blue teams as very verbose logging is configured across the lab and teams can analyse the logs using the ELK installation in the labs.

GCB enables enterprises to simulate actual adversaries by focusing on goals rather than just getting privileged access to machines. For effective adversary simulation and exciting gamification, the end goal of GCB is to initiate a fake transfer of funds from the target bank.

GCB comes with a video course that covers the concepts required to challenge the lab. 
All students will be provided with 3 hours of video course material. This will be cover important concepts required to begin with the lab.

What's Included

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  • Access to a lab environment (One/Two/Three months) with updated Server 2019 machines. Lab can be accessed using a web browser or VPN. 

  • 3+ hours of video course that covers important concepts required to begin with the lab

  • Course slides

  • Attack Path diagrams for hints in the lab

  • One Certification Exam attempt

What will you Learn?

Global Central Bank (CRTM)

GCB is ideal for:

  • Understanding and practicing current and futuristic threats.

  • Any TTP tested in GCB will be usable for years to come as it uses fully patched Server 2019 machines.

  • Sharpen your AD security skills by applying them to a unique multi-forest environment.

  • Understand that getting Domain Admin privileges is just the beginning of Enterprise compromise, even in Active Directory!

  • Testing lateral movement and domain dominance from a beachhead.

  • Abuse or bypass modern Windows features like LAPS, JEA, WSL, RBCD, WDAC, ASR, AWL, Credential Guard, CLM, virtualization and more.

  • Analyzing the adversary attack methodology using logs.

The following are the prerequisites for the lab:

  • Basic understanding of red teaming/penetration testing or blue teaming/security administration of AD environment

  • Ability to think like an adversary and inclination towards abusing features of AD rather than exploits.

Like a real world red team operation, GCB challenges your understanding of TTPs. With basic understanding of Enterprise security and Windows environment, you can crack the lab although we still expect GCB to be very challenging

If you are not familiar with how to approach attacking Windows and Active Directory based enterprise environments, you may like to go for our Active Directory labs

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