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Our Red Team Labs

Learn and practice enterprise security skills in our unique online lab platform! Altered Security's Enterprise Security Lab Platform can be used to deploy Enterprise Red Team labs and Azure labs at scale. Based on our years of experience of designing, running and maintaining a few of the most popular Enterprise Red Team labs!


CRTP : Attacking and Defending Active Directory Lab

This lab is designed to provide a platform for security professionals to understand, analyze and practice threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment. The lab is beginner friendly and comes with multiple learning aids that include video course, slides and multiple lab manuals.


CRTE : Windows Red Team Lab

This lab requires you to start with a non-admin user account in the domain and work your way up to enterprise admin in a true multi-forest environment. The focus is on abusing features and functionality and not on exploiting vulnerabilities. This lab is for intermediate/advanced users and comes with multiple learning aids like video course, slides, video walk-through and lab manuals.


CARTP : Attacking and Defending Azure Cloud

This course and lab helps in upskilling to one of the most coveted skills in information security – Azure security. Drawing from our experience of more than a decade to teach at hacker conferences, this hands-on course helps someone in improving their Azure security skills. The lab is designed in a way that students can solve it in multiple ways! The lab also includes a CTF for those students who would like more challenge.


CARTE : Attacking and Defending Azure - Advanced

Take your Azure Red Team skills to the next level. Get trained in Azure pentesting, Red Teaming and Defense against a highly secure enterprise-like live Azure environment with focus on OPSEC and bypassing defenses. A true step-up in Azure red team training, this course and HUGE lab helps you in understanding and executing some unique and advanced attacks when industry-recommended defenses are actively configured.


CRTM : Global Central Bank

Global Central Bank (GCB) is a one of a kind Enterprise Windows and Active Directory Cyber Range. It helps enterprises test capabilities of both their Red and Blue teams in an Enterprise Windows network. GCB is a true multi-forest environment that mimics a financial institution's network.


CESP - ADCS : AD CS Attacks for Red and Blue Teams

This is a beginner friendly lab that helps you in getting started with Attacking and Defending AD Certificate Services. The lab contains updated Server 2022 and Linux machines with an enterprise-like AD CS setup. Learn to execute a Red Team operation or Penetration Test against a modern AD CS environment.


CAWASP : Azure App Security

This lab and course covers abusing application flaws/misconfiguration, features, and interoperability to compromise an enterprise-like live lab environment. Each student gets a dedicated lab! As a bonus, there is a shared lab to practice with fellow students. The class also covers security controls useful in defending against the discussed attacks.


LinuxAD : Attacking Active
Directory with Linux

Attacking Active Directory with Linux (LinuxAD) is a beginner friendly training environment and playground. Students get access to dedicated lab setup (not shared with other students). The lab contains a Linux based machine to execute attacks.

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