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Our Online Labs

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Learn and practice enterprise security skills in our unique online lab platform! Altered Security's Enterprise Security Lab Platform can be used to deploy enterprise red team labs and Azure labs at scale. Created on our years of experience of designing, running and maintaining a few of the most popular enterprise red team labs


This Lab like other challenging certifications requires you to learn by exploring. If you understand the basics of how a Windows domain works and have used Powershell scripts for pentesting/red teaming, then you should be right at home. We expect the rest to be researched as the student encounters a roadblock.

This lab is based on real world scenarios exploited during red teaming exercises by the author. We are confident if you take up this challenge and complete it, you will have the same know-how in Windows domain red teaming as some of the top professionals in the field.


Global Central Bank (GCB) is a one of a kind Enterprise Windows and Active Directory Cyber Range. It helps enterprises test capabilities of both their Red and Blue teams in an Enterprise Windows network. GCB is a true multi-forest environment that mimics a financial institution's network.


Attacking Active Directory with Linux (LinuxAD) is a training environment and playground. Students get access to dedicated lab setup (not shared with other students). The lab contains a Linux based machine to execute attacks.