Altered Security Services

Backed by a team of seasoned security professionals, we provide in-person and online trainings and a range of security assessment services. Please get in touch with us today at to learn how Altered Security can help you secure your company.

Analysing the Numbers

Penetration Testing

On-Prem and Cloud Infrastructure

Red Team Operation

Adversary Emulation

Computer Store
Man Hands On Keyboard

Application Security 

Web, Mobile and API

Our penetration tests provide you a clear snapshot of current risks to your organization's infrastructure. Our penetration tests aims to bring true improvement to the security posture and go beyond compliance drive tests. 

Following are our Penetration Testing services:

  • External Penetration Testing

  • Internal Penetration Testing

  • Cloud Infrastructure Testing

Red Team Operation

We emulate a persistent adversary in this service. This is for organizations who already have a mature security posture. We draw from our vast experience of research, release of open source tools and hacker conference talks to deliver a custom operation to you.

Application Security

Applications are the face of any organization. In this service we utilize our team of developers, database administrators, application security specialists and bug bounty hunters for maximum coverage.

Following are our Penetration Testing services:

  • Web Application Security Assessment

  • Mobile Application Security Assessment

  • API Security Assessment